Decentralized block explorer

Decentralized block explorer

Did you know that every single node/wallet release has built-in block explorer functionality? It is switched off by default for security reasons and for saving your processing power, but it can be switched on by adding only 4 lines in the wallet configuration.

Just add some details to Scash.conf file, or create this file if it is absent, and add these lines:


Please be careful with the last one, the besallowip=* gives read-only access to your block explorer to anyone. It should not affect security much but can waste your traffic. If you want to use block explorer only on your own machine, you should set besallowip=
For whole local network it should be like besallowip=192.168.1.*

After setting up configuration you can visit with any browser, and you will see the current block explorer information:

It is supported on every platform and does not need additional database management, setup steps, etc.

This is a purely decentralized block explorer, which can work as long as at least one node will support it.

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    1. That’s okay. Local explorer is using codebase of the specific version released, and the ours one – the current working version. After node/wallet release if will you download the new one, the look and functionality of your local explorer will change too.

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