Jan 2018

Feb 2018

  • Block explorer relaunch ✔
    • Support of blockchain messaging live feed ✔
  • Pool relaunch ✔
    • New pool design ✔
  • Windows wallet release ✔
  • Start Telegram bounty campaign ✔
    • Distribute rewards ✔
  • More exchanges to cooperate:
    • Tradesatoshi: ✔
    • Crex24: ✔
    • Bisq ✔
    • ✔
  • Yobit issue fix:
    • Swap all yobit tokens to real SCS coins using YOBICODES: in progress
  • MacOS wallet release ✔

March 2018

  • Release of MacOS wallet for legacy systems ✔
    • Update UI design for more modern look ✔
  • Start Twitter Airdrop program ✔
    • Distribute rewards ✔
  • Update of the Block Explorer:
    • Rich list ✔
    • Detailed network statistics ✔
    • External links support: ✔
  • Scash BURST (Blockchain Usage Regulated & Sustainable Tweaking) which makes it possible to temporary accelerate network 10x more from wallet UI (for any relatively big stakeholder), based on pure PoS system ✔
    • Public testing of BURST technology ✔
  • Scash Vault: ability to store and validate document authenticity over blockchain ✔
    • Integration with live messages display/Block Explorer: ✔
    • Update of all desktop wallets: ✔
      • Move to Qt5 ✔
      • Linux wallet based on AppImage ✔
  • Paper wallet functionality ✔
  • Vault search engine: search by document hash, name or author name ✔

April 2018

  • Pass to at least three new exchanges
    • ✔
    • ✔
    • in progress
  • Payment gateway with IPC support
    • Easypay support ✔
    • PayPal support ✔
    • Authorize support ✔
    • Ethereum support: in progress
    • Service auto-tests ✔
  • Burst and Vault techs know-how documents: ✔
  • SpeedCash Web Wallet 
    • 2FA support: in progress
  • Update of MacOS, Windows and Linux Desktop wallets including:
    • Detailed and precise network connection management ✔
    • Staking fixes ✔
    • Getstakinginfo method for online staking ✔
  • Upgrade of blockchain messaging live feed:
    • JSON API on wallet node side (JDS) ✔
    • Support of messages filtering:
      • By receiving address ✔
      • By incoming amount ✔
      • By message size and additional meta parameters (images size, count, display size) ✔
    • Display messages widget that can easily be placed on every Web Page:
      • This makes it possible to run simple decentralized banner network on the Scash network. Using a filtering feature, the website owner can can clearly set display parameters and own address for payments: only the messages that fit will automatically shown be on their pages.
    • Vault documents search via JSON interface ✔
    • Public/production JDS node launch ✔
    • Trusted signatures ✔

May 2018

  • Development/API documentation on latest features: in progress
  • Whitepaper publication: in progress
  • Upgrade of blockchain messaging live feed:
    • Support of safe images
    • Reply functionality and reply grouping
    • Anonymous message board based on messages stored on the Scash blockchain
  • Start moving from x13 to x13 + mSHA3, public testing phase
  • Pool relaunch (for mSHA3 support)
    • Minor pool enhancements, including correct hashrate calculation, manual payouts and high difficulty ports;
  • Secure and anonymous messenger over the Scash network with endpoint encryption and channels feature
  • Complete moving from x13 to x13 + mSHA3

June 2018

  • Android wallet
  • Wallets update
    • Move from libdb to HyperDex
    • "Thin node" functionality
  • Public media integration

July 2018

  • iOS wallet with NFC support
  • Update of Android wallet to have NFC support

Aug 2018

  • Cash-like paper wallet
  • Blockchain transmission over SSH protocol (should make network impossible to ban)
  • Wallets update

Rest of Q3 2018:

  • Security tokens (hardware keys) support
    • Update of all wallets
  • Partner projects integration
    • This brings a lot of variables for future plans, for instance, if we would then have our own bank card.

Q4 2018

  • This is a long period of time from now for us to accurately project plans; there are interesting directions which most likely will be researched and developed in this quarter:
    • Blockchain-over-FTP feature (for faster sync)
    • Unix-like toolkit of utilities to communicate over blockchain
    • Ability to mount blockchain in Unix-like systems as the file system
    • Decentralized exchange based on atomic swaps
    • Integration of the SCS network based on thin clients to the cash register


  • PoW finish and completely moving to PoS

27 Replies to “Roadmap”

    1. Don’t worry, it will be back alive soon. We decided to completely remake block explorer so it takes some time to manage it. The goal is to make blockexplorer the internal component of wallet daemon. That should reduce overabundant centralization and allows to get rid of problems like current ones in future. And thank you for your interest!

    1. They should act. Unfortunately yobit personnel declined to use non-release wallets and communication takes so long, but this is a matter of time anyway. Don’t worry, but we do not recommend to buy it on yobit now, since price can be affected unpredictable after publishing on another exchanges.

      1. What does it mean is unpredictable?
        I thought about investing in the future:)
        Can I create a group in the Russian social network and tell about the scash currency?

        1. Usually (for small coins) after publishing on another exchange the price is falling on previous one(s), so, we have no guarantees that now is a good time to invest. You can, why not. The only thing that please do not rush with marketing since the SCS project is still in pre-launch condition now.

  1. I checked GitHub the past days and I have to say that I am impressed of how you demolish every single task you set on your list, respect!
    Is it a one man show or how many devs are working on Speedcash?

    1. Many thanks for the fact that you were interested in really important things! Now we have two full time developers, one web developer and a part time job designer and several volunteer testers, but starting in March we are going to expand the team. We also interact with one cryptanalyst a bit too, but he is not the part of the team.

  2. Your Team is not updated on with SCS social. Why?
    No news related SCS. and Where is your white paper. I want to read.

    1. Do not rush, everything will be done. Updates of the coinmarketcap are scheduled for the very near future, white paper – a little later.

  3. When the transition from PoW to PoS took place, is there a planning for Masternodes to increase stability and transaction speed?

    1. Hi, Marko. Thank you for the interesting question! Currently masternodes are not planned, we just setting up now key nodes (with great availability, just to avoid network splitting). They temporary will provide required stability level for network launch. The next steps are depending on Scash network size (in terms of clients count): for small network the masternodes are redundant, but for a bigger one – seems to be in can be the next step in plans. And this thing is hard to predict on this stage.

      Transaction speed will be anyway improved after mSHA3 launch. Current research clearly tells us that is possible to make small transactions (less than 0.001 SCS) to pass almost instantly (depending on network size, up to seconds) without masternodes.

    1. We are sorry for the reply like this, but Yobit still ignores our support queries. We do not want to believe that they are processing only the paid ones, so we just wait like you do.
      In worst case we will just resupply all balances from yobit by PM request with proof and move to another exchange.

  4. I think yobit will not respond to you. look at this chat from electra telegram group :

    “We were not expecting that yobit will never reply to our mails even after paying fees for exclusive listing that is 3 days listing. ”
    more than month now and there is no respond from them to electra devs.

  5. Hello
    I’m new here and very interested in investing in SCS, but if I interprete the prior comments right, Yobit is not recommended to invest, althought it is unfortunately atm the only exchange offering this. Am I right?
    Should I wait for lauch on cryptopia or others? Is there another opportunity to buy SCS now?


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