Wallet.dat file and configuration location

Wallet.dat file and configuration location

The wallet.dat file containing all your private keys, transaction history and address book is located in the Scash data directory. This the same place where the configuration file Scash.conf should be stored, and the blockchain data kept. How to find this directory:

On Windows

It should be in the following place:


%APPDATA% is an environment variable usually point to directory which can be opened in Explorer with the path like this: C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Roaming\

You should enable showing of hidden folders in Explorer before you can navigate there or just paste %APPDATA% into Explorer navigation bar directly.

On Linux

The path is:


It is not displayed by default in most Explorer-like applications, so you should change application options to view it.

On Mac

The required directory should be accessible by the following path:

/Users/<YourUserName>/Library/Application Support/Scash

The simplest way to navigate into this folder it is to run Finder, then select in main menu "Go", then "Go to Folder..." and enter ~/Library/Application Support/Scash

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  1. While “out of sync” wallet is “minting while syncing”, so a lot of orphan blocks are created, and now some of my SCS has disappeared from the wallet.

    How to recover these?

    1. That was probably 1.2.1 wallet version? This issue is fixed in 1.2.2+ releases.
      You can run Help>Debug>Console and enter:
      then (if some errors found):
      and finally:

      If this not helps, please backup whole Scash data directory, then delete blkindex.dat and blk0001.dat files (this will force wallet to reinit sync process from the very beginning).

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