Wallet CLI tool

Wallet CLI tool

Each wallet node source release contains the Command Line Interface (CLI) tool. This tool allows for communication with the headless wallet node daemon. It has full node functionality support, allowing you to make coin transfers, to have connection/wallet management and to get the current sync/mining/status reports.

Its sources are placed in the ./cli directory under the source release root (the link to github).

Linux compilation

Once you have installed all the required prerequisites for building the Linux wallet, you just have to run


as a command in the ./cli directory. The resulting application will be created by the scash-cli name.

Basic usage

First, run the scash-cli tool with the required command as a parameter. In order to get the complete list of commands, you need to run

./scash-cli help

Below is an example of an actual getinfo command being run

Command list

The most current command list is always included with each release and is found in the same location as the cli tool directory, titled COMMANDS-HELP.md. It is best to view this directly with the GitHub markdown browser.


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