Currently, SpeedCash is traded on the following exchanges (the ticker is SCS):

Status: all is well. Deposits and withdrawals are working properly. Deposits are slow now; however, withdrawals are pretty fast.

Status: all is well. Deposits and withdrawals are working properly and pretty fast.

Status: just listed. We need to ensure that all is working correctly.

Status: all is well. You need to know beforehand that Bisq is a decentralized P2P exchange, so some things take time to learn.

Status: in maintenance. Our support requests have not been responded within the last 35 days. In saying that, Yobit SCS tokens are valid and can be swapped to real SCS coins by a direct request to our staff with your new wallet address (generated by other exchanges or desktop wallets) and the YOBICODE for your specified SCS amount. We will send this amount to your new address within 8 hours.

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  1. Hello SpeedCash team,
    Can you tell me why SCS price fluctuations are so in sync with BTC?
    Is it because of the pairs BTC/SCS?

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