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We relaunched a pool! Just look at this:

It is actually "brand new": a new engine (coremining) modified to work with Scash and new front-end (coremining-ui) made by Creative Tim.  While you are reading this post, let's consider this as a public alpha testing. Currently we are not responsible for any possible loss, but are hoping this phase will end quickly.

So please do not rush with moving large farms to mining here at this moment. If you are understand this and completely agree, then welcome to the new pool!

Updated 23 Feb 2018: Pool minimal payout changed to 1 SCS.

Updated 01 Mar 2018: Pool minimal payout changed to 0.1 SCS.


Known issues (we'll fix it):

  • The Hashrate is calculated in a independent way on every page (stats, dashboard, miners) with different delays, meaning some of them may temporarily differ;
  • The Miners page is updated too slow (currently once per hour), so these results can be very outdated;

What's good:

  • Payouts are working flawlessly;
  • Site is fast and reliable, so it can probably even work under a heavy load;

What you should know before:

  • Hybrid PoW/PoS networks are not the same as pure PoW from miner's point of view:
    • PoS blocks have priority. That means even if you found share for PoW that had been overriden by the next PoS block, you can get nothing (and share will be counted as stale). - That's okay, and it prevents single heavy mining;
    • You can not estimate reward just by mulitplying block time by the block reward amount because of the reason above. More than 2/3 blocks are PoS blocks, so in a perfect case you will receive 3 times less reward than in pure PoW networks with same parameters;
    • The difficulty is adjusted in real time and PoS blocks can adjust difficulty too, hence in case that you are mining on a theoretical extremely fast ASIC device (let's say 100TH/s) you will get only first few blocks extremely fast (while the network is adjusting difficulty). The next ones will be generated much slower because of the increased difficulty peak.

What we will enhance too:

  • Manual payouts are currently not required since current threshold of 0.1 SCS is very low and can be achieved in minutes, but in general this feature is a must-have;
  • Ports with higher difficulties should be added.

24 Replies to “Pool”

    1. Oh please no. We are in early testing stage with pool. It does work correctly under small load (excepting the hashing speed calculation, but this does not affect rewards), but we are currently not investigated all circumstances of moving to high powers. You simple can lose money by investing into hashing power.

      Moreover Scash has hybrid PoS/PoW algorithm so do not expect to get corresponding reward by simple multiplication of block time and block reward divided by difficulty.

      We will resolve this stuff in a week, but not now.

    1. Unfortunately claymore does not support X13 algorithm. You can use instead:
      ccminer-x64 for Nvidia video cards
      or sgminer (with x13 fork) for AMD video cards.

        1. Download these ones
          Drivers (probably you already have it)
          SGMiner w/ x13 Mod (miner itself)

          SGMiner Script (save as .bat file in miner folder):

          sgminer.exe -k x13 -o stratum+tcp://pool.scash.ml:3061 -u YourScashWalletAddress -p x

          But I am not fully sure since not tested it.

          1. Thanks for the advice!
            But there is a problem…
            Distribution by reference downloaded, it is working. I only had to delete the built-in config. The .bat file used your string, but with the change:
            sgminer.exe -o stratum + tcp: //pool.scash.ml: 3061 -u YourScashWalletAddress -p x
            After that, the miner earned, but all the time he wrote “rejected” and the farm went to reload ((I did not appear in the pool statistics. What could be the problem?

          2. Looks like in this case miner does not use x13 algo, so all shares are rejected.
            What about the different way? Do not use bat files, but change the built conf instead:
            remove all data from pools section and add only one:
            “pools” : [
            “url” : “stratum+tcp://pool.scash.ml:3061”,
            “user” : “YourScashWalletAddress”,
            “pass” : “x”

    1. That’s true. It is not mining but minting – the more SCS you have the more network will generate for you. These amounts are actually small and limited to 8% per year, but right, the wallet is generating. You may check, it even does not consume significant amount of CPU power. That’s the key of PoS systems.

    1. Unfortunately this config also did not work:(( I even used your wallet. A black screen appears and disappears immediately. My friend has another farm on radeon video cards. We’ll try to run a miner on it in the evening. In any case, thanks for the support 🙂

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