Running JDS node

Running JDS node

Just like the block explorer, a JDS node can easily be launched on your own hardware.

You just have to add the following lines to the Scash.conf file (JDS is switched off by default for saving your processing power/network bandwidth):


Please be careful with the last one; the jdsallowip=* gives access to your JDS server to anyone. It should not affect security much but can waste your traffic. If you want to use JDS only on your own machine, you should set jdsallowip=
For the whole local network it should be like jdsallowip=192.168.1.*

After setting up the configuration (and restarting the wallet node) you can visit with any browser, and you will see the following error message:

That is okay; to use JDS, you should specify the command first. We have the complete guide on JDS API here.

Also, there is one node running and maintained by the SpeedCash team located at:

You can use it for any production-ready experiments. Please note that it uses non-default port for security reasons; however, it behaves the same way as the JDS node that you can set up locally.

Read more: JDS API

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