Send coins features

Send coins features

We would like to announce one of major features of upcoming wallet release! Since most features are purely technical, there is  often nothing that we can really "show", but we are happy to present the most interesting of Wallet UI changes to you today.

This screenshot demonstrates UI with full transaction control and enabled messaging. Since Scash transactions are fast and cheap, it is quite natural to allow for to use of some kind of messenger. These messages are stored over blockchain and can be viewed in Transaction View in the wallet client and in the upcoming decentralized block explorer. The transaction receiver will be notified about attached messages too (of course!). You can send up to 100 messages of up to 10000 symbols for only 1 SCS.

The coin control feature allows precise selection of source addresses and change-output-part address. This makes it possible to minimize fees (by selecting address with minimal TxINs) or maximize speed (by selecting addresses with maximal coin amounts). What else can you use it for? There are multiple options, such as sending payments to yourself and rearranging addresses balances. Don't worry, it looks scary, you can simply disable it by pressing toggle buttons:

Looks familiar, right? This option should not force you to worry. Combinations with enabled/disabled coin control and enabled/disabled messaging are possible too.

We hope you enjoyed this announcements. You just have to wait a little longer until it will finally be yours.

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