SpeedCash desktop wallets

We have released version 1.2.4 of the SpeedCash Desktop Wallet.

Please do not download outdated wallets from any unknown sources.

Ensure that you are currently on a safe version of this page  before downloading.



Updated 2 May 2018 (v1.2.4)

Binary installer (MSI) (extract with 7-zip archiver)

Portable version (use run-scash-wallet.bat to launch wallet)


Source release





Release planned to Q2 2018

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    1. It’s a strategic decision to do not rush with this. Coinmarketcap updates for smaller projects are always take a quite lot of time, so this is a vital necessity to ensure everything is correct before announce changes to coinmarketcap. They can be processed up to weeks on their side, so it would be nice to done all updates in one attempt. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sleem!

      The details on coin supply are on this page.
      Yes we have telegram group but please wait for official network relaunch, after that social medias will be shared.

    1. Optimistically the wallet on yobit will be fixed right after network relaunch (05 Feb 2018). But this process can be delayed if something goes wrong on their side. This will be in Feb 2018 anyway.

        1. We want to resole the issue. But some more information/tests are required. We will reward you for you time.

          1. Are all required files present in target folder? There should be libdb48.dll, libEGL.dll, libGLESv2.dll, Qt5Core.dll, Qt5Gui.dll, Qt5Widgets.dll, run-scash-wallet.bat, run-wallet-rpc-server.bat, and scash-qt.exe
          Moreover in folder imageformats/ should be qico.dll
          And in folder plugins/platforms/ should be qdirect2d.dll qminimal.dll qoffscreen.dll and qwindows.dll
          2. Does the wallet start if you copy whole folder to C:\Scash and run rus-scash-wallet.bat?
          3. Does the wallet start if you add the QT_QPA_PLATFORM_PLUGIN_PATH=C:\Scash\plugins to the system environment variables?

          Thank you.

  1. Please (and as a friendly remainder to everyone) – don’t use comments to spam with wallets.
    Instead use the contact form and don’t forget to mention your Telegram Id too.

    Thank you!

  2. Hello and congrats for your project
    I’m trying to install SCASH wallet on my Yosemite but I get an error message
    “Error initialising database environnement /Users/Me/Library/Application support/Scash!
    To recover, BACKUP THAT DIRECTORY, then remove everything from it except for wallet.dat”

    I did what’s written in the message box but still same error message.
    I noticed that there were no wallet.dat file in the directory

    Thanks for your help

    1. We are sorry for this issue and the absence of proper QA for older versions of MacOS. Previously we have announced that wallet should work on any MacOS starting from 10.10, but this is not correct. The current wallet from site can work only starting from 10.12 version, and we are already scheduled and added to roadmap the release of legacy versions for systems 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11.
      It is completed now by 80% and probably will be released tomorrow.

      Thank you!

  3. How can you refresh wallet? After installing the new version of mac ios not all my coins have showed up in wallet, they are still listed in the transactoins page. thanks

    1. If you were running v1.2.1 wallet before, that happen sometime. To fix the problem you can run Debug>Console windows from Scash menu and type the following commands:
      and then
      (second one will take some time to run, 5-10s)
      And coins will be returned to usable amount.

  4. Hello admin
    Befor a week
    I open scash.ml and generate new address wallet (payper wallet)
    Then save the address and privat key

    I bought some SCS and send them to address i generated

    The Scs recieved successfully (when i opned explorer in this site
    But the problem i donot know how to open my wallet with my data ( address and private key ) in this site
    Because when i go to paper wallet page in this site i only can generate new address
    But i canot open old address that the scs on it

    1. Hello Jean! You have to know before, Paper Wallet is not the same as Web Wallet, it is only able to generate private/public key pair to safely store coins. To use (transfer coins) you need to wait not so long for complete of Web Wallet. Or right now if you want to transfer coins, you can import private key in Desktop Wallet for any supported OS. (Using Help>Debug>Console and type importprivkey (yourprivkey) in Console).

  5. My wallet seems to be stuck trying to sync block 75887. Is there any way I can restart this process or manually download the blockchain?

  6. Hi guys,
    When debuging why I can’t make blocks with
    We can mine the block but not generate as the network will not accept the signature.

    Any advice?

    1. That’s probably because the PoS reward is less than minimal relay fee. Did you tried to combine your coins by moving it to the another address in the same wallet?

  7. how can i restore my wallet? i downloaded windows desktop wallet. deposited some coin in. but if i lost my laptop how can i restore my wallet back? because i can not see any option there for restore. can not find private key or Encrypted Key same like neon wallet have,

    1. If you have backed up wallet.dat file you can just place it in the Data folder.

      The more detailed scenario of recovery:
      0. You have backed up wallet.dat for instance named “walletBackup123.dat”
      1. Install desktop wallet on the destination computer (assume you have no previous installations here)
      2. Run wallet, and close it after some seconds
      3. Open data folder, remove the automatically created wallet.dat file here
      4. Place your “walletBackup123.dat” into it and rename to wallet.dat
      5. Run wallet again and wait for its synchronyzation
      6. PROFIT. Your account and wallet balance will be recovered.

    1. Please use the File>Backup Wallet… application menu entry. In dialog that will appear, enter any desired name for your backup and select the destination folder. Press save and please check that backup file actually was created in the place you selected.

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